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Fred Holder’s Personal Guarantee

When you become a Cool Masters customer, you receive more than just a new heating or cooling unit. You also receive a personal guarantee from Cool Masters owner Fred Holder.  That guarantee is not simply a letter in the mail or lip service sent via e-mail. Your guarantee comes personally from Fred Holder. He is on every job site and takes the time to make sure each one is done right.  I evaluate and inspect every job to make sure it is done to the customer’s satisfaction,” Fred said.

More than just peace of mind.

Fred’s word does more than just give customers’ peace of mind. Should a problem arise in the future, one phone call is all that it will take to alleviate the problem. “We normally do a five-year labor warranty or a 10-year labor warranty covering the manufacturer’s defects of a product,” Fred said. “So on a Trane gas furnace, which has 92% efficiency, customers automatically receive a 10-year parts warranty.”  Should a furnace part break or malfunction within that five or ten year window, Cool Masters will be at your home fixing that issue right away.

 Fred personally stands behind his work.

However, Fred’s guarantee goes beyond just fixing furnace problems. He takes the time to stop by and supervise every job. That means every customer also receives his supervision and attention, which carries 20-plus years of expertise and experience in the HVAC field. Acts of God, such as lighting and floods, are generally covered by insurance companies while things like mice and stink bugs can nullify a manufacturer’s warranty. But if a motor malfunctions on your furnace a few years after installation, Cool Masters will attend to that matter. At Cool Masters, craftsmanship comes with a guarantee.

Fred starts by only recommending the best heating and cooling equipment

Fred has built high standards, which are upheld and guaranteed by him personally. He even takes things a step further before beginning any type of installation. Only the best recommendations are offered to Cool Masters customers. Fred suggests only quality and reputable name brand manufacturers so that customers can avoid any long term issues. Fred will even show customers Consumer Reports ratings so they are fully aware of all the facts. Other contractors may try to sell customers sub-standard furnaces with poor ratings.

That will never happen at Cool Masters, which is one more guarantee that comes directly from Fred.  We do the homework for our customers by giving them the Consumer Reports information they need to know,” said Fred. “I want them to know what is true and what is not. We are not salesmen trying to push a certain brand of equipment.” Quality equipment, service and professionalism are all personally guaranteed by the owner of the company when you choose Cool Masters. Contact us today for all your cooling and heating installation needs in York PA.

Fred Holder York PA

“Offering great service and installing name brands keeps my customers satisfied.

Treating my customers right is how I do business.”

Fred Holder – Owner

“Thank you for the courteous and professional manner with which you installed our new heating and cooling system.”

Trustee Committee – St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

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