How To Prepare Your Air Conditioning Unit For The Summer

Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Ready For Summer!

There is more to owning an air conditioning system than just flicking a switch when it gets hot outside. It’s extremely important to make sure your unit is prepped and ready for the summer season. There are some very simple steps homeowners can take to ensure their air conditioner is working properly and efficiently throughout the entire summer.air-conditioning-unit-service-ready-for-summer

Make sure the unit is uncovered

It is a good idea to cover your AC unit in the winter to protect from the elements of Mother Nature. However, there needs to be a careful approach to covering your unit. There is a need for constant air flow throughout the unit. Without that air flow, there could be a significant build up of rust. Covering a unit the wrong way can also trap moisture inside the unit. It is not recommended to use plastic to cover an AC unit as it could lead to a variety of problems.

Check your breakers

It may seem like a simple task, but there are many people who turn their breakers off in the winter and forget to turn them back on in the summer. Make sure everything is powered on correctly before you attempt to use your air conditioning unit.

Make sure the air filter is clean

A dirty air filter will lead to a host of problems. It could burn out your unit, cause your air conditioner to freeze up and even damage the condenser coils. It is recommended that the air filter be changed every year or as manufactures suggestion and this remains an integral step in preparing your AC unit for the summer months.

Have the unit serviced

If there is any prior history, have the unit checked out to make sure that it is operating efficiently. Even if there is no history of problems, it is a good idea to have the unit checked out every year or two. Some manufacturers recommend less time between regular maintenance or service checks and that information can be found in your owner’s manual.

Test the unit

Simply try the unit out by turning it on. Also keep in mind that the blower needs to be running on the furnace. Check the furnace for noises whether it be a rubbing or squealing sound. Do that in the early spring. That way you can detect any issues before the immediate need for air conditioning throughout your home.

Contact a professional

If you discover any kind of problems with your air conditioning system, contact the most comprehensive air conditioning service in York. Fred Holder and the team at Cool Masters is staffed with trained and experienced HVAC technicians who can attend to all your air conditioner repair problems. We service York homes and businesses while also providing AC repair in Brogue, Dover, Downtown York, Hellam, Manchester, Red Lion, Dallastown, Shrewsbury, Thomasville and more.

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