How Often Should Your Furnace’s Air Filter Be Changed?

How do I know when I should change my air filter?

Regularity is important when it comes to checking and changing the air filter on a furnace. Before you realize that an air filter needs to be changed, you need tofurnace-air-filter-replacement recognize that it needs to be changed. It is recommended that an air filter be checked monthly to keep it working proficiently.

Routinely performing maintenance on your furnace will save money on furnace service later on. Some air filters will come with a manufacturer’s recommendation on how often it needs to be changed. Follow those directions and you shouldn’t encounter any problems. Some will recommend changing every three months while others may be more frequent.

What should I look for when I check the air filter?

When it’s time to check your air filter, there are certain things to look for. Pull out the air filter and hold it up to a light. This will show you just how dirty your air filter has become. If the filter is not letting any light through, then it needs to be changed. Changing it can be done easily by following a few simple directions.

Generally there is an arrow on every filter and the arrow points in the direction of the air flow. A lot of the filters will also have a reinforcement on one side of the filter. So when the filter starts to get loaded up or dirty, the reinforcement will keep it from getting sucked into the furnace. Also remember to turn off the furnace before changing the air filter. If the furnace remains on, it will be trying to pull the air filter in. That will make it much harder to change because there will be tension. It is also recommended to have a cover over the air filter to keep it from getting pulled into the furnace.

What type of air filter should I use?

The type of air filter used depends upon the application and also how the filters are maintained. An apartment complex generally changes an air filter once every six months. However, those filters are usually good for only 5 to 10 percent efficiency. They are low maintenance, but do not catch a lot of dirt. Many times, cheap fiberglass filters are used in these instances.

Homeowners have better options when it comes to efficiency. Pleated air filters offer 50 to 60 percent efficiency and are also helpful to people with allergies. These pleated filters collect more dirt, pollen and dust mites, making the air in homes safer and healthier to breathe. Brands of air filters are not that different as there is not one superior than others.

However, pleated filters from various manufacturers can prove to be the healthiest alternative. York PA furnace repair and installation is only a phone call away at 717-755-7611 as the experienced team at Cool Masters are standing by waiting to help you.

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