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Gas Conversions of Oil Furnace or Boiler

When it comes time to convert your heating unit to gas, Fred Holder and the professionals at Cool Masters Heating and Cooling have you covered.gas-conversion-york-pa Gas conversions are becoming more and more popular in many homes and businesses. With the ever-rising price of oil, many homeowners and business are switching from oil heat to gas heat. It makes a lot of sense from a financial and efficiency standpoint.

What is a Gas Conversion?

A gas conversion is just as it sounds. It is the process of converting your heating unit so that it is fueled by gas. Cool Masters offers two options in this area. First, we can convert your current boiler or furnace to gas. This involves conversion adjustments to your current unit. Secondly, we can remove your old unit and replace it with a brand new gas furnace or new gas boiler.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings

There are a lot of benefits that come when making an oil to gas conversion. With gas heat, homeowners can expect 92% or better efficiency. The highest efficiency that can be expected with oil furnaces range anywhere between 80% to 85%. Using gas over oil also means much more savings. For oil to be comparable to gas, it would have to sell anywhere between $1.50 to $2.00 per gallon. Homeowners and businesses spend significantly more money every year when using oil as opposed to gas. The process of gas conversion is done by taking the oil burner off and putting the gas conversion on. A technician will run a gas line into the house and into a gas conversion burner. We have plenty of experience doing burner conversions. There are also other conversions that can be completed gas-conversion-york-paby the Cool Masters team. We can provide customers with heat pumps as an alternative. The savings is pretty close to what customers can expect with a gas furnace.

Our technicians also specialize in the following areas:

  • Liquid propane furnaces
  • Oil to electric conversions
  • Oil to propane conversions

Costs Savings with Long Term Maintenance

The maintenance that comes with a gas furnace is also much easier when it comes to cleaning. The expense of cleaning will only have to be paid once every two to three years as opposed to an oil furnace, which should be cleaned out once every year. Oil remains one of the most expensive ways to heat a house and if you are in the market for gas conversion in York County PA, the experienced team at Cool Masters can complete the job from start to finish. Contact Fred today for a free quote.

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