My Boiler Is Running, But My Radiators Are Cold.

A common complaint from homeowners is that their boiler is running, but their radiator is cold. That means there is no heat circulating through the house. While most problems with a boiler do need to be handled by professionals, there are some issues that homeowners may be able to fix themselves. To understand the exact problem, one must first understand that there are two types of boilers.  boiler-service-cool-masters-boiler-running-radiators-are-cold

Different types of boilers mean different potential problems.

The first type of boiler is a hot water circulated type of boiler. This has water running from the boiler all the way up to the highest point of the home. The second type is a steam boiler, which sends steam through the radiators that could range up to three or more stories off the ground. In a hot water circulated boiler, there needs to be a certain amount of pressure to get that water a few stories up.

For every pound of pressure, water is lifted two feet. That means 20 pounds of pressure would raise the water 40 feet. A common problem is that there is not enough pressure. Should that not be the case, the circulator, which circulates the water throughout the house, may be malfunctioning. There could also be an issue with the controls as they may not be turning on the circulators.

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the water.

Another possibility would be that the boiler is air locked. In water boilers, there are parallel piping and series piping systems. A remedy would be to purge the air out in both those types of piping. Homeowners could fix this issue themselves, and it is recommended to take a cup of water out of each radiator.

Letting out just a little bit of water will not usually suffice. When dealing with a steam boiler, the steam needs to rise through the pipes and heat then comes out through air vents, which are located in the radiators. The air vents need to be open for this to function properly. When the boiler is functioning and the radiators remain cold, it could mean there is a closed valve on the radiator. Another cause could be a clogged pipe or a faulty air vent. Some air vents are adjustable and permit for the increased or decreased flow of air.  

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