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Routine Checkups Are Important

$90 Air Conditioner Checkup To Get You Ready For The Heat Season

Air conditioning units do not last forever and to ensure homeowners get as much use out them as possible, it is important to make sure that your AC unit undergoes routine checkups. There is a lot that can go air-conditioning-service-york-pawrong with air conditioners. Dealing with a minor issue in an AC unit can wind up saving homeowners major issues that can cost them lots of money in the long run.

What the checkup covers.

Customers who choose the $90 AC checkup will receive a thorough examination of the following areas:

Refrigerant levels – Freon is necessary to keep AC units working properly. If your unit is low on coolant, Cool Masters will provide up to one pound of new refrigerant R410 which is included in the cost of our service fee.

Air Filters – These keep the evaporator coils clean and many problems stem from dirty air filters. Cool Masters will even replace air filters provided by the homeowner at no additional charge.

Thermostat Batteries – Our technicians will check the batteries in your thermostat to ensure there is plenty of life left in them.

Condenser Coils – Many times, dirty condenser coils on the outside of the units can lead to major problems. If there is an issue, our technicians will clean those dirty coils.

How often should my AC unit be checked?

It is recommended to have some kind of routine checkup on your air conditioning unit every year. Newer units made by leading manufacturers sometimes recommend checkups every two years, but it is a good idea to make sure your unit is running right before every summer season. As part of Cool Masters AC checkup service, we will also take care of the following tasks:

  • Check and lubricate motors
  • Check subcooling
  • Examine overall operation for noise
  • Look for loose wiring or bugs in the unit

If there is a problem that requires some form of repair, Cool Masters offers a reduced rate following that first hour of service. We will gladly stay and alleviate the problem before it can lead to a bigger one that may even call for a brand new replacement unit.

Common AC Problems

It is common for many homeowners to forget to change their air filters and it is also difficult for them to detect a failing motor. Some AC units also need refills of coolant more frequently than others. For some units, coolant needs to be added every year while other units can last up to five years without a refill as it all depends on the brand. And if there is enough coolant, it is going to cool a home faster while also using less electricity.

This is where the experts at Cool Masters step in and let you know exactly how your air conditioning unit is functioning. There is a lot our team can teach homeowners about their AC systems whether it is an open faced coil system or a lower quality unit that will need routine maintenance. And with every service, owner Fred Holder also offers a personal guarantee.

Residents in need of York air conditioner service can trust the experienced team at Cool Masters. Contact us today and and schedule your air conditioned checkup and get piece of mind that you will not be with out ac service when you need it most.  We service all of York County including Springettsbury Township, Wrightsville, Manchester, York Haven, Red Lion, Dallastown, Spring Grove, Loganville and more.

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